Big and J Deer Dig it Apple 1 Gallon

Big & J

Water/Rain Chemical reaction generates vapors which attract deer from a distance! The added apple aroma adds more attraction power!

Contains trace minerals that are bioavailable. Virtually all other mineral products add trace minerals to thrive - even survive. The trace minerals in DIG It™ Apple are bioavailable, so deer can absorb them.

The Apple aroma is super strong to draw them in from near and far.

Use this product to put in front of trail cams to help you scout your property.
Use it along game trails to establish patterns and in areas you hunt.
Use it in areas you don't want to frequent often.
Great source of Sodium. Sodium is needed for cellular function including amino acid (building blocks of protein) transport. In addition, deer have an appetite for Sodium meaning they will consume it even if the body does not need it.
Has our exclusive bio-available mineral pack.
When to feed: Late Winter through early Summer