Pennzoil 1 Qt. Type F Automatic Transmission Fluid


Pennzoil Type F is specially compounded fluid for certain automatic transmissions and transaxles. It is formulated with high-quality mineral oil and performance additives to exceed the requirements of Ford Motor Company specifications M2C33-F. Exceptional resistance to high temperature oxidation and thickening. Special additives combat varnish and sludge build-up to prevent control valve sticking, oil screen, passage plugging and clutch glazing. Effective rust inhibitors help prevent rust formation on critical mating parts. Vaporization and foam are controlled by the quality of the base oil, and the foam inhibitors. Special wear inhibitors have proven effective in preventing wear on gears in both automatic transmissions and transaxles. Meets or exceeds all specification for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury automatic transmissions and other vehicles which require a Type F transmission fluid. The proper transmission fluid for automatic transmissions manufactured by Ford Motor Company may be determined by either checking the owners manual or examining the transmission dipstick. If the dipstick is marked M2C33-F, Type F should be used.