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Precision Feed Technologies LLC

Necessity is said to be the mother of invention. We tried all of the potions and powders. A scoop of this and a cup of that and we couldn’t get the kind of response we were constantly seeking. We couldn’t find it so we decided to build it. . . . .
Gut Candy combines several innovative nutritional technologies aimed at what serious livestock exhibitors are constantly searching for – the winning edge that allows you to push them harder, hold them together, and get them dialed in at just the right time to hang that banner. Collectively, the digestive tract is the largest organ in the body. In the case of cattle, sheep, and goats, the rumen is the workhorse of the system and contains billions of microorganisms. It simply isn’t enough to provide all of the appropriate nutrients. It is also necessary to appropriately balance and hopefully enhance the microflora in the gut. A healthy gut means fewer metabolic challenges and less time spent off feed, more efficient use of nutrients, better digestion and nutrient absorption, and a reduced incidence of scours. Additionally, a healthy flourishing gut and microbial population is better able to ward off unwanted potentially harmful bacteria.
The effects of yeast and yeast derivatives relative to improvements in feed intake, weight gain, improved body condition, overall rumen health, and competitive inhibition of pathogenic bacteria are well documented in the scientific community. Similarly, live direct-fed microbials have been shown to improve both rumen and small intestinal function, reduce acidosis, drastically decrease harmful bacteria and enhance immune response to challenges in the gut. The addition of enzymes to the feeding program has long been shown to have the ability to improve digestibility and subsequently nutrient absorption and utilization; thereby, further reducing the potential for digestive upset in the form of acidosis, looseness, and erratic feed intake.
We are extremely proud to say that Gut Candy is rooted in sound fundamental science. With an extensive background in ruminant animal nutrition and production, we developed Gut Candy with a combination of products that possess the most robust research dossiers available.

Feeding Rate 2oz per head/day